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Tire Warmer

Provides an even heating – GE made copper nickel heating coil with 3.0mm of silicon for surface
protection, maximum heat-resists can go up to 200°C. Special pattern is parallel to the tires rotation
and proper insulation creates an “oven –effect” to provide even heating.

On Target Temperature
– Directly imported from Germany with special tight tolerance Thermostatic
Controller on target for a tires operating temperature at 70° C.

Multi-resistant Fabric
– Manufactured from heavy duty, water and heat resistant materials.
Thermally insulated to save energy.

Burn Proof Liner
– High Temperature Resisting Fabric made from Oxidized PAN Fiber (PANO) has the best fireproof character, with this material makes our warmer less tend to possible damage from misuse.

LED indicator
– LED indicator light up when
heating with service life of over twenty thousand hours of longevity.

Fast to install and Remove .
Certification - CE approved
Hard Tire Warmer Carry Case


Color available:
Casing – Blue(B)/Black(K)
Fabric – Yellow(Y)&Black(K)/Black(K)&Black(K)

FHM018: Universal – Suitable for any bikes from 125~1000 cc

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